BPL Nigeria Limited

BPL Nigeria Ltd is a Lead Battery Recycling company. We recylce Used Lead Acid Batteries, producing Pure Lead Ingots (99.7% to 99.85%) and related materials such as Lead Oxides. With a state of the art Recycling plant, we are able to recycle these materials in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, protecting the environment and ensuring no pollution.

Our Pride

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver 99.985% pure Lead Metal and other specialty alloys to our customers.

With traceability along our production process, we are able to ensure quality and safety at every point in

time while also guaranteeing quick delivery of our products to the various destination of our customers

Our Vision

To be the foremost battery recycling and manufacturing company in Africa.

Our Mission

Build an organisation that is driven by excellence, delivers superior value to all stakeholders…

Our Values

Understand, meet and surpass customer expectation (customer – anyone we are doing anything for.

Our Products

Lead Ingots – Pure Lead 99.97%-99.985%

Our Pure Lead is produced from the refining operations done on remelted ingots produced from our rotary furnaces. It is a pyro-metallugical process. Our primary feed-stock is Lead Acid batteries.

Our Products

Remelted Lead Bullions

Remelted Lead Bullions produced from the smelting of Lead Acid batteries in a rotary furnace usually contain 97% to 99% Lead Metal by weight and the remaining 2-3% consists of other elements – Antimony, Copper, Silver, Bismuth, Arsenic, Tin etc.

Our Products

Lead Alloys

With alloying kettles of various capacities 30MT and 50MT, we produce various Lead alloys ranging from Antimony Lead to specialty alloys of Copper, Calcium, Tin, Selenium etc.

With stringent quality controls and testing using our Spectrolab, we are able to ensure high purity and consistent metal composition for our customers.

Our Partners

The Legatum Center at MIT