Lead Sheets

The high density of Lead Sheet and its “limpness” makes it a very effective material for reducing the transmission of noise through partitions and doors of comparatively lightweight construction. Often the Lead Sheets are adhesively bonded to plywood or to other building boards for convenience of handling. Current developments include a whole range of composite materials employing Lead Sheet for the reduction of noise in industry and from engines of all sorts. A particular advantage of Lead’s high density is that only relatively thin layers are needed to suppress the transmission of sound.


Lead is a material that, when applied to construction and building, has an excellent behaviour due to its characteristics: water-proofing qualities, corrosion resistance, malleability, sound-proofing capacity, incombustibility and ease of coupling and assembly.


Another remarkable feature is lead resistance over time. Lead in the shape of sheets, as a roof or a dove covering, is atmospheric corrosion resistant because it creates a protection film in the contact of the oxygen and carbon dioxide of the atmosphere


It is an extremely useful material for the construction of protection and water-proofing elements, particularly when attachment is necessary to existing structures, because it is when the material malleability is used to its maximum effect.


It is currently used for the water-proofing of façades and roofs.

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